About Us


Hammon Trees Gourmet is a restaurant located in Denver. It was established in 2011 and since then it has never failed to wow the customers who frequent this restaurant. The number one selling point we have here is not their food but the services that they offer. We treat their customers like they are family and always see to it that they are well-served. What more is that, there is always the evaluation afterwards wherein our customers can tell us their comments about the food and services that we provide.

Although our number one selling point is our services, the dishes that we provide are incomparable too. They are unique at its best and the taste cannot be found elsewhere especially our cheese. This is through the effort of our in-house chef, Miguel Santorini. He was also one of the owners and the instigator of gourmet dishes. He believes in uniqueness and tries to implement it in every way especially the food that he creates. As such, you have an assurance that you can have a breath of fresh air here.

Just recently, our restaurant launched a program here. Since we live in our mantra of fresh goodness every day, we decided to all unconsumed ingredients at the end of every day will be donated to our chosen foundation. In that way, we can prevent spoilage and other people can still benefit on what we cannot anymore use. Please note that all the food products and ingredients that we are going to give away are still fresh. So rest assured that our recipient foundation can still eat healthy and delicious meals at the end of the day.

Make sure to visit our store today and take part in our advocacy to create a good dining experience for our customers. We promise you that you will not regret it when you call today.