Cheese for All Occasions

Cheese lovers, heed our call! Now, you can already have a new hangout place by the name of Hammon Trees Gourmet. Make sure to come to our place today to have a wonderful dining experience starting today.

talk about this dairy product?

Cheese. What comes into your mind when we talk about this dairy product? It has many uses, isn’t it? It is not just exclusive as a spread for your sandwich, but it can also be used in many dishes you cooked such as pasta, salad, and others. In fact, you can even eat it as is without the sidings and frills. It is also a good company of wine and other cold cuts. But you’d know already that if you are such a fan of cheese.


What we all about

Here at Hammon Trees Gourmet

Whether you are a fan of cheese or not, there’s no way why you will not appreciate the variety of cheese products that we sell here. We have it all starting from mozzarella, feta, cheddar, gouda, cotija, Roquefort, and more. Some of them we specifically made ourselves, but there are also those which we outsource from local sources. Yes, we do have local sources and we made it a point to prioritize then when it comes to getting the ingredients we use in the meals that we create. We are into supporting the local business to help boost the local economy.

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Among the dishes you will enjoy here at Hammon Trees Gourmet include dishes with a variety of cheese toppings. You will be a firsthand recipient of our love for cheese here. You will enjoy them in salad and even steak. You can even see them being served with our variety of wines that are produced locally.

Here at Hammon Trees Gourmet, you will definitely experience something new in your taste buds. All of the food that we offer here is with a twist. So if you are a little bit adventurous in your dining, you will love the things we offer here. What more is that they will not come at an expensive price because we believe in affordable dining. If you are not convinced yet, try coming directly to our restaurant here in Denver. You will not miss it because we are equipped with the best custom garage door in Denver.

There is nothing NOT to like about our restaurant

The ambiance alone will give you a welcoming feel. Everywhere here you can encounter a nice cushion to sit on. There is even a separate booth for to go orders. There is never a dull time because all day, we make sure that we have the right music flowing through our speakers.

We also have a nook where you can find different reading materials starting in magazines, periodicals, and even books. If you prefer, we also have electronic books here that you can enjoy. We assure you that this is a place you can fully enjoy.

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